Decorative Finishing Of Cabinets And Furniture​

All wood cabinets and furniture have the potential to bring warmth and elegance to your home. Lucas Decor  are the experts in taking old or outdated wood styles or colors and transforming them so they shine in your home.

Instead of the mess, expense and headaches that come with installing new wood cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom or living room, Lucas Decor  can update and customize your existing ones!

Any wood furniture in your home can be transformed through the use of a wide variety of techniques. You can change the look of your kitchen with a faux finish on your cabinets or lighten your existing wood armoire to blend with your new furniture.  We can do it all! Lucas Decor will create a custom look for any wood furniture in your home.

Contact us today with your great idea about how you would like your wood furniture or cabinets to look and we will make it a reality. We want to work with you to make the wood in your London home beautiful